Windwool Cloth LogoWindwool Cloth farming is easily done in a few select locations in World of Warcraft.

These are some of the best ways to farm Windwool Cloth so that you can have access to all the Windwool Cloth you will ever need. If you are a Gold Capped member, remember to check out the Tailoring Profession Guide once your done farming to learn how to make the most gold from your Windwool Cloth. If your not a member of Gold Capped yet, you are welcome to join!

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Windwool Cloth Farming Basics

Windwool Cloth farming is best done on a tailor. Although this is not essential, the Northern Cloth Scavenging will still provide a tailor more cloth drops than a player without it. Dont worry about the tooltip, it just works.

The better the gear you have the better your results will often be. This is only true until you reach a point where you are waiting for the mobs to respawn after killing them all. This happens at around item level 550+. If your gear is not that strong don’t worry, all these zones can just as easily be farmed on a fresh level 90 character, it will just take a little longer to kill the mobs and so result in slightly less Windwool Cloth.

Windwool Cloth Farming – Isle of Thunder

Windwool Cloth Farming - Isle of Thunder

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When Windwool Cloth farming in patch 5.3 I would always look to kill the Shan’ze Gravekeepers. Now that patch 5.4 is out most players have moved to the Timeless Isle leaving this zone almost empty apart from a few players completing some quick daily quests. As an added bonus, you will also gain reputation with The Black Prince if you sill need it for the Legendary Quest chain.

Take a Potion of Luck for increased loot drops if you plan to be Windwool Cloth farming for any longer than 20mins.


Windwool Cloth Farming – The Jade Forest

Windwool Cloth Farming - Jade Forest

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Windwool Cloth Farming - Slitherscale Eggdrinker

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Your main focus when Windwool Cloth farming in The Jade Forrest is to concentrate on the Slitherscale Eggdrinker. These have the best chance to drop Windwool Cloth and have a very quick respawn time. Be aware that this is a popular zone for people to powerlevel there friends and because of this you might have some competition. As it is the lowest level zone in World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria this is a great zone to start with if your gear is only basic.

Once again taking a Potion of Luck will greatly increase your loot drops and improve the efficiency of farming.


Windwool Cloth Farming – Vale of Eternal Blossoms

Windwool Cloth Farming - Vale of Eternal Blossoms

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Kill the Shao-Tien Fist. These mobs have the advantage of dropping Skyshards and Ancient Guo-Lai Cache Key. This is an area that will require a good level of gear at they have almost 600k health. Due to the extra loot that is dropped these become the most reliable source for Windwool Cloth in patch 5.4 (and beyond)

Add on a Potion of Luck and this becomes a very profitable area to farm.


Now you have the materials, members of Gold Capped should head over to the Tailoring Profession Guide to see how to best use all this Cloth. If your not a member of Gold Capped yet, you are welcome to join!