noblegarden guide - brightly colored eggNoblegarden is the Easter themed even that last for one week each year. This year Noblegarden is from 21st of April till 28th of April. There are a bunch of achievements that can be collected as well as a nice few ways to make some gold at the same time.

Noblegarden Guide - Achievements

Firstly lets look at some of the Noblegarden achievements, these can be done quite quickly but the tool tips for the achievements are not exactly very descriptive on how to complete some of them. Where possible I will include any possible gold making opportunity's with these achievements.

 Noble Gardener

This is the main achievement for completion of every one of the Noblegarden achievements except Dressed For The Occasion and Sunday's Finest. This achievement awards the player title The Noble. This Noblegarden guide will cover all the achievements

 Blushing Bride

For this achievement, you must kiss another player of either gender who is wearing an Elegant Dress while you are wearing a White Tuxedo Shirt and Black Tuxedo Pants. Either buy these clothes from the vendor in exchange for Noblegarden Chocolate or be lucky and get them when opening Brightly Colored Eggs.

Gold Tips - A slightly mean way to make gold at this point in the game is to sell the tailor made versions of the clothes on the Auction House. These are different from the ones you need for the achievement but you will be shocked how many you can sell at this time in the game.

 Chocolate Lover

Easy one, just eat the Noblegarden chocolate you find from the Brightly Colored Eggs. For this achievement you must eat 25 Noblegarden Chocolate


This is similar to Chocolate Lover but this time you need to eat 100 Noblegarden Chocolate.

 Desert Rose

To complete this achievement, you must first obtain the Spring Robes either from a Brightly Colored Egg or purchased from a vendor for 50 Noblegarden Chocolate. Simply equip the robes and you can activate it's 'Use' ability, which in this case plants a flower where you stand! Once you've got the robes on, simply travel to each of these five deserts - Badlands, Desolace, Silithus, Tanarisand Thousand Needles - and plant a flower.

 Dressed for the Occasion

This might take some time to complete as you have to get lucky. The Elegant Dress is inside a Brightly Colored Egg. Dont worry too much about getting this if you are only going for the main Noblegarden achievement as this is not required to complete.

 Hard Boiled

For this achievement you must lay an egg in the Golakka Hot Springs of Un'Goro Crater while transformed into a Noblegarden Bunny. There are two different ways to become a Noblegarden Bunny. The easy way is to have another player travel with you and use a Blossoming Branch to change you into a rabbit. Simply stand around long enough and eventually your rabbit will lay an egg (remember to /sit to get the achievement). The more complicated way is to open Brightly Colored Eggs until you are randomly transformed into a Noblegarden Bunny. Then travel Un'goro.

When creating this Noblegarden guide, I was able to use cross realm zones. Its worth just heading to Un'Goro and waiting for someone else with a Blossoming Branch.

Gold Tips - If you are waiting for a Dungeon Queue or Battleground, Hang out in Un'Goro and charge people gold for you to turn them into a Noblegarden Bunny. People will pay anything for achievements!

 I Found One!

Find an egg in an egg. Simply loot a Brightly Colored Egg from inside a Brightly Colored Egg, found in any starting zone in Azeroth. This is very easy, just time consuming unless you are lucky.

 Noble Garden

For this achievement you must hide a Noblegarden Egg anywhere in Silvermoon City (if you're Horde) or Stormwind City (if you're Alliance). These eggs can be purchased from the Noblegarden vendors for 5 Noblegarden Chocolate, and you can then loot the egg yourself.

 Shake Your Bunny-Maker

For this achievement you must use Spring Flowers to place bunny ears on a female of each race that is level 18 or higher. Spring Flowers can be purchased from a Noblegarden vendor for 50 Noblegarden Chocolate or may be randomly looted from a Brightly Colored Egg. While finding females of every race may not be very difficult, the item has a 5 minute cooldown. Dalaran is a great place to get this done as its a nutral area where you can have easy access to the other faction.

 Spring Fling

You first need to get a Spring Rabbit's Foot. There is a small chance to loot it randomly from a Brightly Colored Egg or purchase it from a Noblegarden vendor for 100 Noblegarden Chocolate. Once you have done that, head out to each of the four starting areas for your faction and find another player with a Spring Rabbit. Take a moment for your pet to do its "stuff" and move to the next zone.

 Sunday's Finest

This luck-based achievement is awarded upon discovering both the White Tuxedo Shirt and the Black Tuxedo Pants inside a Brightly Colored Egg. This achievement is not a requirement for the meta-achievement Noble Gardener.

Noblegarden Guide - Gold Making

There are two main items that become availiable during Noblegarden that goldmakers love.  Swift Springstrider and  Spring Rabbit's Foot. Both of these are purchased by using the Noblegarden Chocolate you get by opening Brightly Colored Eggs.

Noblegarden Guide - Swift Springstrider

Naked chicken anyone?

The Swift Springstrider costs 500 Noblegarden Chocolate

The Spring Rabbit's Foot costs 100 Noblegarden Chocolate

The Mount will be the more valuable in the long run. So focus your efforts on collecting for those. The chocolates can be collected at an average of 200 per hour.


These mounts can be sold on the World of Warcraft Auction House. Early on in the event they will be at there highest cost so if you are looking for one yourself and dont want to farm, just wait till just after the event. This is often the cheapest time to buy one as everyone who farmed them are competing for the lowest price.

Most years I have bought a few to then resell later in the year. Waiting till the competition reduces on the Auction House can let you sell them for much more that it cost you to buy.


The event should be considered as a fun way to make some side gold. There are many other better ways to make gold than farming the mounts, but this has zero requirements and a zero skill requirement so is a great one for people who just need a few thousand gold easily. If you take any single peace of World of Warcraft Gold making advice from this Noblegarden Guide, it should be to wait till AFTER the even to buy the mount and too buy a few as they will be at there cheapest.


Happy Easter and good luck.